Smart Home

What exactly is smart home technology?

smart home memphis, tn

Smart home technology is available in many different forms from many different brands. At Mister Greenway Nashville, we recommend Nest smart home products to make your Tennessee household more safe and energy efficient.

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Is your smart home actually smart?

While there are many different types of smart home technology available today, not all of them are as smart as they may think. While you can choose to adjust settings and monitor activity straight from your smart phone with the Nest family of products, your home is able to monitor, heat, cool, and protect itself without your commands.

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Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostats save you time and energy by monitoring temperature settings in our home and alerting you to trends and patterns that are contributing to your rising energy costs and makes adjustments when necessary while keeping your home cool and comfortable.


Nest Protect

Nest Protect detects smoke and carbon monoxide within your home and alerts you when it senses danger, but it can still distinguish between a house fire and hairspray.


Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is a camera system that records 1080 HD resolution and allows you to speak directly through the camera from your smart phone or mobile device to warn burglars you can see them and to warn Fido when he’s on the furniture.


What smart home products and gadgets does Nest work with?

Nest products are compatible with many smart home gadgets on the market, including:

  • Chamberlain Garage Doors
  • Google Home
  • LIFX Lighting Systems
  • Lutron Lighting Systems
  • Phillips Hue Lighting Systems
  • Wemo Lighting Systems
  • Yale Keyless Entry Pads

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