Plumbing FAQ

Have a question about plumbing systems? We’ve answered many of the most commonly asked questions below. Have a question not listed below? Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.


Why hire a professional plumber?

While you may feel comfortable fixing a clogged toilet or drain on your own, there are many projects that are worth paying a professional to take on. 

  • New Plumbing Installation
  • Replacing a Toilet
  • Replacing a Dishwasher
  • Replacing a Garbage Disposal
  • Repairing Broken Pipes
  • Installing a Water Heater
  • Installing a New Faucet
  • Moving Pipes

New Plumbing Installation

Installing a new plumbing system shouldn’t be on your list if you’re not a trained professional plumber. Plumbing systems must be up to code for safety and environmental reasons, and it’s important to ensure you complete the proper paperwork and apply for the right permissions before installing new pipes.

Replacing a Toilet

You may be thinking there’s no reason to hire a professional to replace a toilet, but have you considered the disaster that would ensue if you didn’t properly connect your sewer and water lines properly. It’s a good idea to hire a professional to handle any project that involves water and sewer lines, especially if you only have one bathroom. Plus, the downside of dealing with toilet replacements: cleanup.

Replacing a Dishwasher

Replacing a dishwasher involves electricity, and improper dishwasher installation or replacement can lead to leaks and floods. It’s best to let the pros handle tackle this one.

Replacing a Garbage Disposal

Like the process of replacing a dishwasher, replacing a garbage disposal can get really messy really fast. A professional plumber can ensure your garbage disposal is working smoothly and efficiently.

Repairing Frozen or Broken Pipes

Winterizing your pipes can help prevent frozen and broken pipes, but if you do need repairs, it’s absolutely essential that you hire a professional problem to take care of the problem. A professional will be able to determine why you have broken or frozen pipes in the first place, and a full inspection is necessary to prevent any major issues that can lead to more problems.

Installing a Water Heater

For your own safety, we advise hiring a professional plumber to install a water heater.

Installing a New Faucet

Installing a new faucet may not seem like a big project, but if you’re unsure of how to turn your water supply off, it’s best to call the professionals in.

Moving Pipes

Moving and renovating pipes requires permits. You can be fined for working without a permit, and work done without a permit is subject to removal and inspection on your dime in the event of a foreclosure or when you decide to sell your home. Rather than risking the possibility of losing the money you invested in the project, hire a licensed, professional plumber who can take care of your project from start to finish.

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?

Replacing frozen pipes is much harder than taking steps to prevent them in the first place. Here are some tips for winterizing your pipes.

Let Your Faucet Drip

Allowing your faucet to drip keeps water moving through the pipes, which relieves pressure in the pipes and decreases the chances your pipes will completely freeze or burst.

Keep the Heat On

Keeping the temperature above 50 degrees decreases your chances of dealing with frozen pipes.

Add Extra Insulation

Heating tape is one way to create extra insulation that keeps your pipes warm, lowering the likelihood they will freeze, but a safer and easier alternative is to insulate exterior pipes with rubber or fiberglass “sleeves.”

Why does my garbage disposal have an odor?

It’s normal for garbage disposals to smell like food sometimes. There are a few ways to remove stinky odors from your garbage disposal system.

Hot Water

Running hot water for a couple of minutes can help clean your garbage disposal system if there are food particles stuck to the sides.

Lemon / Orange Peels

Running lemon and orange peels through your garbage disposal can help freshen the air and remove stinky odors from your kitchen.


Using ice in your garbage disposal occasionally can keep blades sharp, which helps your system dispose of food more efficiently, so less food and odors are left behind.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda left to sit in a garbage disposal is an effective self-cleaning treatment that can remove particles left behind and the odors that come with them.

A professional plumber can also provide routine maintenance to keep your disposal systems working properly. Is your garbage disposal in need of a tune up? Give us a call today or set up an appointment online.