HVAC Zoning System Memphis, TN

It’s unlikely that you use every room of your Memphis home at the same time. And cooling or heating your whole house while each room is not being used can be costly. If you’re wanting to have more control over your HVAC system, what it cools/heats and when, then an HVAC zoning system is the right solution for you.

Installing an air conditioner with zoning features or retrofitting your current system can lower your utility costs and save you on wear and tear of the whole system. All of that is tremendous savings over the years.

How Does Zoned HVAC Work?

Zoned HVAC is customized for one room or multiple rooms so you can control each zone through a programmable thermostat. Zoning your system allows you to have more control of your HVAC system throughout your house.

Throughout your house you will have multiple thermostats that control different zones. You’ve probably experienced this with two-story homes. You need two zones for each level, which is why you have two programmable thermostats.

Bedrooms and bathrooms can be zoned and then the kitchen and living spaces can be zoned, for example. Once you’re up and ready for the day, you can program the bedrooms and bathrooms to conserve energy while you shift into your living spaces and kitchen. This is a practical way to zone your HVAC system at home to maximize your energy efficiency and cut down on overall use.

Why Consider Dual Zone HVAC?

  • Have more control of your HVAC system
  • Save on utility costs
  • Reduce maintenance and repairs
  • Increase comfort with more control

If you’re installing a new HVAC system, then adding a dual zone feature is the perfect compliment to the new system, plus it’s much simpler to add it at this time. Get even more benefits from your new system when you pair it with zone features. Enjoy more control and reduced utility costs during the lifetime of your system.