Ductless Mini Split AC Service Memphis, TN

Mini split AC systems are a modern model of cooling for properties that have non-ducted heating systems. Mister Greenway Nashville offers expert assistance for these HVAC retrofits. Whether you are interested in learning more about them and possibly having one installed or you need mini split AC repairs for your current system, we are the company to call in Memphis.

What is a Mini Split AC Unit?

Ductless mini splits are HVAC systems that do not require ducts, which means there is less opportunity for air and energy loss. They are great for places in Memphis with radiant panels or space heaters, and for room additions where you don’t want to install new ductwork. They are also a good alternative to traditional window-mounted air conditioners, because they only require a small hole in the wall. Reach out to our experts to see if a ductless mini split air conditioner could be a beneficial addition for your comfort system.

Why Get a Ductless Mini Split AC Installed?

Mini split AC systems are a great option for small spaces, because they are compact and allow control over the ability to heat and cool individual rooms. Most mini split AC units allow for four indoor-units, or zones, that can be controlled separately, making the most of energy efficiency.

Without the need for ducts, mini split AC units are a much more efficient way to control indoor climate. Ductwork allows for air leaks to occur, which can cause a loss of up to 30% of energy. Having a ductless mini split air conditioner installed at your place in Memphis is a great way to combat that.

Mini Split AC Repairs in Memphis

If your property is already outfitted with a ductless mini split system and it is malfunctioning, our team of AC specialists can come to repair it. We will do a quick and comprehensive inspection of it to see what’s causing the problem, and then get to fixing it so that you are not long inconvenienced.

Memphis’ Mini Split AC Experts

Installing a ductless mini split is not the easiest installation, which is why Mister Greenway Nashville is the company to choose to have a ductless mini split AC installed or repaired. We offer many years of experience as Memphis’ trusted HVAC source and can provide professional assistance to get you comfortable at your home. Call us to schedule an appointment!